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Portable Water Purifier




When you go camping or hiking, healthy drinking water is one of the first things you want to secure. Lugging around litres of water is not always an option and sometimes you want a bit more than just purification tablets – that’s where the Advanced Portable Ultra Filtration comes in.


This filtration system is designed for camping, hiking, or emergency situation when you simply have to have clean and filtered drinking water. It is incredibly easy to pop this filter into its carry case when it needs to be stored or transported with you. It requires no electricity, and a hand pump is used to pump the source water, be it from a river, lake, dam, or bucket, through the two filters and into your glass or bottle.


The system has two filters that are both easy to replace when depleted. The 5-micron PP Cotton filter removes sediments and larger living organisms in the water like worms, then the 0.01-micron Ultra Filtration Membrane removes harmful substances such as pathogenic bacteria and micro-organisms – you can pump the water you need, and rest assured that you are satisfying your need for hydration is a safe and healthy way.


Do remember that the Ultra Filtration Membrane does not have the capacity to change the mineral content of the water. If your source water has a specific mineral taste, if it is brackish/salty, it will still have the same taste even after it has been pumped through the system. The effectiveness of the system’s filtration is also directly dependent on the condition of the filter cartridges. It is essential that the system be cleaned after it has been used and that the filters are replaced regularly.

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 37 × 32 cm