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Uncompromising On Excellent Water And Coffee

62 Waters supplies small, medium, and large businesses with water and coffee solutions.

We provide the purified bottled water, water dispensers, coffee machines, and beans you need to keep your workforce hydrated, caffeinated, and happy.

We understand that businesses and offices come in all different shapes and sizes; therefore, we have a wide variety of water dispensers, coffee machines and service solutions. It’s your choice whether you want to buy outright, or rent to buy. We also supply our customers with machine extras like cup dispensers for the water coolers, or milk flasks to go with your coffee machine.

62 Water builds a relationship with our customers, and we go out of our way to ensure that your products are delivered to you at your convenience and in a timely fashion.

Water Solutions –

From branded water bottles to water dispensers and cups

At 62 Waters, we pride ourselves on providing customers with some of the best purified water in South Africa. We supply bottled water, water dispensers, machine add-ons, and excellent refill services from our head office in Pretoria. Through our distribution network, we also service the Western Cape.

Our water is perfectly purified every time by following an internationally accredited “hands-free” process. The result is perfectly balanced water with a light and refreshing taste that is both healthy and enjoyable.

Provide your customers and employees with the already bottled water for sale and even add your company’s logo and details to the label. Invest in a water dispenser to have a fresh and purified water solution always at the ready for your office.

Services – 

Repairs and sanitisations

62 Waters will help to ensure that your water dispenser is always in perfect working order. If you notice any problems with your dispenser, or if the dispenser stops working, our handy repair team will organise an appointment at a time suitable for you to have a look at your machine. Simple repairs can be done on the spot, while more complicated issues will be quoted accordingly.

It’s not just the working order of your water dispenser that is important. The sanitisation of your dispenser and bottles also needs proper care and attention. Your dispenser should be sanitised regularly, and our technicians will help you with this. They will sanitise your entire dispenser and its parts on the premises with as little disturbance to your operations as possible.

To ensure you never run out of fresh water or coffee beans, a dedicated delivery team will make bi-weekly water and coffee refill deliveries. Alternate schedules can be arranged with head office.

Coffee Machines –

Bean to cup coffee machines

A reliable coffee machine assures that you have a great start to your day time and time again. A reliable coffee machine also means that it produces the same perfect cup of coffee every time you press the button. We have a selection of coffee machines for sale. You are sure to find the perfect machine to suit your office size and culture. It’s not just coffee machines though, keeping the milk you use cold and fresh is just as important if you want to have every cappuccino perfectly frothed.

A great cup of coffee cannot be made without the perfect selection of coffee beans.

At 62 Waters, we have made the choice of which coffee bean to use with your machine easier and partnered with a top-class supplier of coffee beans. We have selected three roasts that are universally loved and enjoyed so everyone has a taste adventure they will enjoy in every cup.

Find out more about our coffee machine and bean solutions here.

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