Water Solutions

Pure, healthy and delicious hydration

As the name indicates 62 Waters started out with a laser focus on providing the best quality, purified water solutions for small to large offices as well as households. Our water has been tested to provide the best possible taste while still retaining all the goodness of purified water. Staying hydrated is easy with our water dispensers and bottled water options.


water products

62 Waters supplies a variety of water dispensers and the bottled water to accompany them. We also provide smaller grab-and-go bottled water for sale.

Our water dispensers come in all different shapes and sizes. No matter the size and needs of your office, there is a water dispenser solution that will work for you. There are also great options to use at home.

When it comes to replenishing your water supply, you can either purchase the 18.9l water dispenser refill or you can restock your fridge with 500ml or 330ml bottled water.

In addition to the water dispenser and bottled water, 62 Waters has a number of accessories that you can add. These include Bottle racks, Water pumps, Filter bottles, Cup dispensers, Cups, and Safety tops.



62 Waters will deliver your water to your doorstep. You can arrange with us to have your water delivered on our standard biweekly schedule. We can also organise a specific schedule with you to fulfil your specific needs.

62 Waters will repair your water dispenser if it starts giving you any problems. Just let us know and we will have a repairman come out to you as soon as possible.

We recommend that your water dispenser be sanitized every 6 months or at least once a year. To assist in this, you can give us a call and schedule an appointment. We will handle the sanitation for you so you can use your dispenser with peace of mind.


purification proccess

62 Waters follows our internationally accredited “hand-free process of ensuring that the water you drink is pure and healthy every time. The mineral balance is strictly designed and monitored so every drop that leaves our factory will nourish the body and mind and taste great as well.

The water purification and mineralisation are completed in 5 main steps:


Carbon filtration




Reverse osmosis





Thereafter, every bottle is then perfectly sanitized and automatically capped.

We also provide you with peace of mind by assigning a dedicated deliveryman to you as well as providing you with his personal contact information. Your deliveryman will be the one to transport your water bottles from our factory straight to your doorstep – no contamination, no delays.

Visit our full Water Solutions site for all the details and specs about our Water solutions.