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What is Ozone and why add it to your drinking water? + -

Ozone, O3, is a gas that is effectively oxygen, O2, with an extra atom. In this state, it is a very unstable gas, but a very strong oxidiser. Ozone is manufactured from oxygen by a high voltage spark. The smell in the air after a close lightning strike is ozone. As an oxidiser, ozone will break down the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, killing them. Ozone is, however, very unstable and will naturally start reverting back to the oxygen from which it was formed.

So why add it to water? A proper water purification system will eliminate all bacteria and viruses, but during the filling of bottles, bacteria from surrounding environments (empty bottle, cap, equipment, air) may be introduced into the water and will then grow in the water. To prevent this, ozone is introduced in a controlled environment in a narrow band of 0.2-0.4 ppm (parts per million) into the water. In this dissolved form in the water, it will kill any bacteria that may have been introduced. Once sealed, water should be good for more than a year.

After sealing the bottle, the water is safe, and the ozone starts reverting to oxygen. If dissolved in water, it has a half-life of 30 minutes, meaning every 30 minutes, the quantity is halved, in other words, back to oxygen. Therefore, bottled water is always kept for at least one day on the warehouse floor to ensure that all the ozone has reverted back to oxygen. Ozone in water will have a pungent smell, and water should not be consumed while still present.

How often and why should I sanitise my cooler? + -

This all depends on the circumstances and the quality of water being used inside the cooler. If tap water or water that has not purified properly is being used, the chances are very good that you will find sediment (mud, sand, etc) inside the water tank within three months. This should obviously be cleaned. I suggest you open the top of the water cooler after three months, and just look inside and observe.

If properly purified water is being used, the chances of visible sediment are far less, and the cleaning cycle could be extended to six months or more. What happens is that a biofilm starts building up on the inside walls of the cooler. Bacteria from the surrounding air builds up a slime-like film on the walls of the water tank. Note that the bacteria is not always harmful. You often get the same effect on the walls of your pool.

It is suggested that a professional from your water cooler supplier company is called, as he will clean with a detergent and sanitise with the appropriate sanitising chemical. 62 Waters does offer this service.

How does the prepaid system work? + -

It works much like airtime for your mobile phone. Let me explain:

  1. Simply deposit money into your62 Waters prepaid account, for example R500. You would now have a credit of R500 into your account. Within 24 -48 hours, we would have captured it into our accounting system, and you will get an email with your new balance. The email will read: Good day, your balance has been updated. Your current balance is R500.00. Thank you, 62 Waters
  2. You now get a water delivery worth R150, for example. Within 24 -48 hours, we would have captured it into our accounting system, and you will get the same email with the new balance. The email will read: Good day, your balance has been updated. Your current balance is R350.00. Thank you, 62 Waters
  3. We have set a threshold of R250.00 onto the accounts. This means that if your balance in your account falls below R250.00, you will receive an email informing you to top-up so that you have adequate funds for future deliveries. The email will read: Good day, your balance has reached the threshold. Please make a deposit to ensure delivery. Please reply with how much water you need. Thank you, 62 Waters
  4. If funds are not received in time, and you go into a negative balance, for purpose of this example say –R100.00, you will get a message stating: Good day, your prepaid water account has a negative balance of -R 100.00. Please make a deposit to avoid non-delivery. Thank you, 62 Waters.

The above process will repeat itself all the time and ensure that your account is always up to date and you will always get your deliveries at scheduled times.

You will receive a monthly statement that reflects all the transactions for the month through email.

I have read that a water bottle in a warm car caused Sheryl Crow to get breast cancer. Is this true? + -

This viral email claims that the cancer was caused by a toxin called dioxin that leaks out of the plastic. Water bottles are made out of PET. PET does not contain dioxins, nor can it produce dioxins, and no dioxins are created in the manufacturing of PET. Dioxins are a group of compounds sometimes formed by high-temperature combustion (over 750 degrees F.) and certain types of industrial processes involving chlorine. Dioxins can’t be created without the presence of chlorine, and PET does not contain chlorine. Consequently, dioxins can’t be produced when a PET container is heated or microwaved, exposed to sunlight, or washed and reused (all urban myths).

Please read the following articles about PET, what it is used for and the safety thereof:




What’s more, a study was done by the Australian Cancer association, and they also dispelled it as a myth. Please read https://www.cancerwa.asn.au/resources/cancermyths/plastics-food-storage-myth/ for detailed information.