Dispenser Sanitization

Sanitizing Dispensers For Your Peace Of Mind

Dispenser Sanitization

Enjoy the crisp and clean taste of the bottled water, by regularly cleaning and sanitizing your dispenser. The dispenser should be cleaned to prevent bacteria build-up.


The Water Dispenser is exposed to dust and bacteria in the environment. Over time, your dispenser may develop ‘biofilmwhich is a thin film allowing bacteria to grow on certain rubber and plastic parts of your dispenser. This will contaminate your water and possibly also change its taste.


Sanitization involves the cleaning of the external parts of the dispenser, and the cleaning and disinfecting of all internal water contact surfaces, pipework, and taps.

The sanitization can take from 15 minutes. 62 Waters can sanitize almost any type of dispenser.

We recommend dispenser sanitizing every 6 months.

To request a dispenser sanitisation, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Adhoc/Once Off: R 304.35 (excl. vat) R 350.00 (incl. vat)

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