Coffee Solutions

Bean To Cup Coffee Machines For Sale

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62 Waters is very proud to not only provide hydration solutions to small, medium, and large businesses, but we also provide coffee machines and coffee beans. You never have to worry about staying caffeinated again.

Our coffee machines

The coffee machines for sale or rent are of excellent quality, fully automatic, bean to cup coffee machines. You have a choice between several coffee machines, from a coffee machine with a 1.8lt water tank with 6 programmable selections to one with a 6lt water tank and 24 programmable selections. It’s not just the machine that is important, though. We also provide a 2lt milk cooler and milk flask to accompany your coffee machine.

You will not only keep your entire office or home happy with these machines but clients and guests will be just as excited about your machine as it produces a perfect coffee.

Our coffee beans

We have partnered with the best to give you the perfect accompaniment for your coffee machine. Our coffee beans work perfectly in a bean to cup coffee machine. The three options currently available at 62 Waters, the Gold Espresso Blend, the Espresso Premium Blend, and the Mocca Java, are the most popular coffee beans for machines.

The Espresso Premium Blend is a medium roast that retains a lot of the unique flavours of the coffee’s origin. The 100% Arabica beans have a richer fragrance but a weaker body. It is perfectly roasted, however, meaning it still perfectly blends with milk for your afternoon cappuccino or have it black to savour the unique coffee taste with your wakeup espresso.

The Gold Espresso Blend is just the right combination of Arabica and Robusta beans to make it creamy and easy to combine with milk. Roasted to an exquisite medium to dark roast, it gives a fully developed, bittersweet cup time and time again.

The Mocca Java is a medium roast. It’s 100% Arabic coffee, so there is a bit less caffeine, a bit less bitterness and more sweetness in the blend.

Our services

The coffee machines can be bought or rented ensuring there is a coffee solution that meets your needs and your pocket. The coffee beans can be delivered to your door with your bi-weekly delivery of water refills. You’ll never have to worry about running out of beans.