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When you make the perfect cup of coffee it means that you were able to marry a great coffee machine and an exquisite coffee bean. 62 Waters provides the perfect selection of coffee beans to accompany your coffee machine. From a fruity and floral creaminess of the Espresso Gold’s Arabica/Robusta blend to the all-round favourite Espresso Premium to the subtlety of the Mocca Java. These blends of beans have been specifically picked to provide the best coffee experience. Whether you prefer a small shot of coffee or a milky latte. The beans’ roast and flavour profiles will ensure that however you drink it, it will deliver on your need for a delicious caffeine boost and moments of pure enjoyment.


The Espresso Gold is a medium-dark roast with a 70/30 Arabica/Robusta ratio. The Arabica lends to the coffee a fruity and floral aroma while the Robusta delivers on creaminess and a rich body. The beans originate in Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, and Uganda. This bold blend is perfect to savour with or without milk.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 8 cm