Water Dispenser Repairs

When Your Water Dispenser Needs Some Love And Attention

A water dispenser isn’t indestructible…

When your water dispenser starts giving you problems or doesn’t work as it should, you can call us to come out and have a look. 

We will assess your water dispenser to locate the problem. A standard repair can be completed right there and then. Any additional repairs will be carefully noted and quoted accordingly.

Call out fee: R 130.43 (excl. vat) R 150.00 (incl. vat)
Per Dispenser Standard Repair: R 521.74 (excl. vat) R 600.00 (incl. vat)
*Terms and conditions apply.

Some common water dispenser issues…

What you can do, and when to call our technician:

The water dispenser is too cold. + -

It can be that the cold control sensor is not correctly placed, in which case you can try to reposition the sensing tube. If the cold control is defective, you should call our technician to replace this device. It can also be that there is simply not enough clearance space behind the dispenser. All you need do is move it a bit further away from the wall it is standing against.

The water dispenser is too warm. + -

Your cold control switch might be off, and you just need to adjust the control. The evaporator band around the reservoir might have loosened. You check that the evaporator is secure and properly latched or contact the technician to check on it. If the cold control device is defective, our technician will need to replace it. If the refrigerator drier is blocked, it might also need to be replaced.

The compressor isn’t working. + -

First, check at the breaker and outlet that the machine is receiving power. A wire might have broken or come off the terminal or the power cord may be defective. You might also have a burnt out overload or compressor relay. In these cases, it is best to call the technician.

The water faucet doesn’t switch off. + -

Something might be stuck in the faucet, in which case you can try to carefully remove it. If the seal has perished and is leaky, have the technician replace it.

The dispenser is unable to dispense hot or cold water. + -

You might just need to replace the empty water bottle with a full one. Check your breaker and outlet to make sure your dispenser is receiving power. If the wiring system is broken, you can call the technician to have a look at it. If your air filter is wet, you can try to remove it and let it dry overnight. Alternatively, have a technician come and give the dispenser a once-over.

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