Enjoy your 62 Waters dispenser and purified water even more with our range of accessories. Polystyrene cups from the cup dispenser attached to the side of your water dispenser will ensure that you are never without a hydration solution.

Bottle racks will keep things organised, and child-proof safety taps keep spills at bay.

Bottle Racks

62 Waters offers 3-tier and 6-tier bottle racks. Keep your extra water bottles out of sight in the kitchen or neatly stacked as a hydration feature next to your dispensers for an easy change between empty and full bottles.

Size – l x w x h = 45 x 36 x 78 cm
Capacity – 3/6 (18.9L) Water Bottles
Material – Grey Powder Coated Steel
Features – Modular Design
Purchase Price 3 Tier & 6 Tier – Request a quote

Water Pumps

Water pumps allow you to pump water directly from your 18.9L water bottle. The No-Splash Spout ensures that the area around your water bottle is always clean and dry, with no damage done to floor surfaces or countertops. It’s a great and affordable option for your home.

Material – Blue & White Plastic
Features – “No Splash” Spout, No battery or Motor, Modular Design for Easy Cleaning
Price – R 95.65 (excl. vat) R 110.00 (incl. vat) 

The Electric Water Pump allows you to pour your filtered water, without spilling, straight from an 18.9l bottle with the push of a button. This pump is perfect for when you go camping or don’t have the space for a water dispenser and don’t want to keep lifting heavy bottles to fill smaller bottles or your glass. 

• Easy to Use
• One switch
USB Rechargeable Battery
Compatible for most of the standard water bottles
• Easy to clean
Price – R 173.91 (excl. vat) R200.00 (incl. vat)

The 62 Filter Bottles allow you to add your own source water to the water dispenser and filter the water as it passes through the 5-stage filtration system. 

Filter Bottle Complete with Filter Cartridge: R 652.17 (excl. vat) (R 750.00 incl. vat)
Replacement Cartridge: R 430.43 (excl. vat) R 495.00 (incl. vat) (Available in-store)

Cup Dispenser

The cup dispenser attaches perfectly to your 62 Waters water dispenser. Keep it stocked with polystyrene, paper, or plastic cups, and you’ll always stay hydrated and be able to offer your clients a cup too.

Size – d x h = 9 x 35.5 cm
Capacity – 35 Cups
Material – Silver Plastic
Features – Screws into the side of your Cooler
Price – R 130.43 (excl. vat) R 150.00 (incl. vat) 


62 Waters also supplies the polystyrene, paper, or plastic cups needed to keep your cup dispenser stocked.


Volume – 175ml
Material – Polystyrene
Units per Box – 1000 Cups
Price – R 391.30 (excl. vat)
R 450.00 (incl. vat)


Volume – 260ml
Material – Paper
Units per Box – 2000 Cups
Price – R 1 200.00 (excl. vat)
R 1 380.00 (incl. vat)


Volume – 175ml
Material – Plastic
Units per Box – 1000 Cups
Price – R 747.83 (excl. vat)
R 860.00 (incl. vat)

Safety Tap

Child-proof safety taps can be placed on your dispenser to ensure inquisitive hands don’t create a spill.

Material – Off White Plastic
Features – Child-proof
Price – R 42.10 (excl. vat) R 48.42 (incl. vat)

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