Model J3 Air Purifier

Filtered, Clean And Purified Air

Designed with smoke sensors and will detect any smoke and air contaminates and adjust filtration speed accordingly. As the air quality deteriorate, it will display the air quality and speed up the air circulation to rectify. The purifier has a capacity to circulate 150-180m³per hour. It is ideally suited for an area of around 50M2. All air will then be filtered in around one hour.

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Excellent for people with allergies as it will eliminate house dust, pollen and pet hair often associated with allergies. 

Give protection against harmful airborne pathogens, parasites, bacteria and most viruses.

Eliminate odours and always provide and clean air.


Operating voltage: AC220-240V
Power usage: 40w
Applicable area: 35-50m2
Timing function: 2h,4h,6h,8h
Weight: 5.4kg
Dimensions: 375mm x 238mm x 565mm

It uses the following principles to clean the air:

1. Ionizer function: + -

Air ionisers are used in air purifiers to remove particles from air.  Airborne particles become charged as they attract charged ions from the ioniser by electrostatic attraction. This is also called Anion function. The anion function creates negative ions, which cause floating particulates (dust, pet dander, allergens) in the air to cling together and drop to the floor, or makes it heavier and easier to trap in filters.

2. Primary filtration screen: + -

Will trap larger particles in the air, like cat hair, etc.

3. Cold catalyst screen: + -

This is a coating on the filter that is similar to a car catalyst converter. It will decompose harmful gasses like formaldehyde, benzene, etc. to harmless co² and water.

4. Activated Carbon filter: + -

Activated carbon are  small granules with an exceptionally large surface area. One gram of activated carbon has a surface area of 500m². Activated Carbon will absorb any odours, smoke and gasses.

5. HEPA Filter: + -

HEPA is the acremen for High Efficiency Particle Absorbing. HEPA filters are defined to remove 99.95% of particles of 0.3micron. In combination with Activated Carbon filters an action called diffusion takes place. This process means that smaller particles down to 0.01 micron will be slowed down with a great probability that they will not pass through the filter. As such HEPA rated filtration masks are specified for health professionals to protect them against bacteria and viruses.

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